Get the Perfect Grind. Coarse or Fine. Every Time.


The only grinder you'll ever need!

Bud Wakker is an easy-to-use grinder. Just pull the cord and stop at your desired consistency. The clear top cover lets you see the grind in real-time.

Unlike traditional grinders, the Bud Wakker is unbelievably simple to clean. After opening and removing the center blades, wipe the inside of the top and bottom with isopropyl alcohol. Then, wipe the center and anchor blades.

All Bud Wakker products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Made of high-quality durable polycarbondate parts, tough stainless steel blades and a heavy duty pull cord, you'll never want to buy another grinder again.

  • Quicky Grind Up to 1/8 Oz
  • Monitor and Control Consistency
  • Easy to Clean
  • Clog-Resistant
  • Built to Last
  • Money Back Guarantee

Our Story

How did two old guys in their 80's invent the perfect grinder?

In 2022, a Massachusetts-based inventing team, brothers Alan and Joel Aronie were creating a vaporizer. By the time they got their patent, there were already serveral great vaporizers on the market. So they cut their losses and began their mission to design a flawless grinder.

After revisions to their revolutionary prototype, the Bud Wakker was born. The problems that came with traditional grinders were no more. No more caking. No more clogging. No more breaking or falling apart. No more difficult cleaning. Ever. Again.